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24th September 2014

Vote now to make your favourite Stratford Road building stand out!

A publication based on My Route will be produced next year and in order to help to bring the stories and landmarks to life, Sampad will be using ‘augmented reality’ technology to illustrate particular aspects of the project.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) ‘mixes’ the real and virtual world together by superimposing computer-generated  sound, video, graphics or GPS data onto a real-life environment. This composite is viewed through a smart device such as a smart phone and ultimately allows you to experience an alternative view of something in the real world  and gain additional knowledge about it.

You can see a further explanation below:

The My Route publication will incorporate AR that will create digital 3D models of some of the iconic buildings found along Stratford Road, allowing people to explore the building’s architecture, history and character.

The augmented versions of these buildings could be used as a historical record for buildings under threat or simply as a way of seeing how certain buildings have changed over time, which may be of particular interest to people who once lived near Stratford Road and have since moved away.

This is where we need your help!

We need to select three buildings to undergo this process. Please note that they must be located on Stratford Road, and we must be able to get photos of the buildings from different angles.

Based on the research and feedback we’ve had so far, we’ve drawn up a short list of buildings that are in the frame for this treatment, but we’d like you to VOTE ON YOUR FAVOURITE BY CLICKING HERE and selecting up to three buildings.

Voting closes on 27th October and the three buildings with the most votes will be selected.

If there is a building you think should be on the list then please let us know at and if we have enough nominations, we will add it to the poll.

An example of augmented reality.


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