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19th December 2014

Unveiling Hidden Heritage

In December 2014, over the course of three weeks, My Route worked with ten ESOL students from the Hall Green campus of South and City College to explore hidden places of worship around Stratford Road.

Led by Dan Burwood, an experienced photographer and co-founder of Some Cities , the sessions explored the history of faith in the area through the medium of photography.

The first session introduced the students to the scope and aims of My Route in order to provide them with the context for their work. They also began to research places of worship that have existed and evolved in the area, and examined how specific spaces were adapted at various points in time to reflect the requirements of new and established communities.

The second session took them out onto the road itself to photograph the architecture of places of worship that had been identified in the first session.

The students used a mix of professional cameras and modern mobile devices such as smartphone cameras and ipads to capture stills of the buildings, with Dan on hand to provide instruction and advice about composition and lighting to help them to take high-quality shots.

The final session allowed students to select and edit their best photographs, learn basic enhancement techniques in Adobe Photoshop and share and discuss each other’s work.

The resulting photos and related information will help Sampad in its continuing research and feed into the production of My Route learning resources.

Hidden Heritage-5


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