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05th December 2014

‘Tis the Season to be Training!

As the days have been getting colder and nights longer, our dedicated team of My Route volunteers have been carrying out some intensive research which will be feeding into the resources about the project we are currently designing for the middle of next year.

November and December saw the delivery of several training sessions to ensure that our  30 regular volunteers had the necessary skills to deliver their specific area of research, ranging from archive research to data collection.

Over a period of three weeks we held four training sessions at the Library of Birmingham which showed the volunteers how they could go about researching topics for My Route. They were shown how to access different geographical maps, request archival material, use and copy microfilms, find records of people and businesses and most importantly, how to sift through the Library’s extensive card-based catalogue for materials after 1940!

We also held training that explained how archives have been built up over the years and details about their constitution, as well as the required processes for cataloguing and storing the materials we are collecting.

Many of our volunteers who took part in this training have an interest in working with archival materials – either within their careers or for personal interest – and so this opportunity allowed them to handle some of the oldest documents in the archive and learn about some of the challenges archivists face on a daily basis, such as copyright and personal protection (though we hope we won’t have any of these issues with our donated items!).

As always, we are extremely grateful to the loyal volunteers who are helping us with our research – My Route would not be possible without their hard work.

If you are interested in volunteering,  there’s still time! Please see our get involved page for information about how you can support My Route.



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