Trained My Route volunteers are currently collecting memories about life around Stratford Road since the 1940s. We’ll be posting more video, audio and photos soon… watch this space!

The Dingles (by Elliott Brown via Flickr)
Hall Green Ward

Peter Fry


Peter Fry was born in 1939 and has lived in Hall Green for most of his life. His current home on Colebourne Rd, belonged first to his parents, and he lived here initially until 1966 when he got married. Peter was an active youth, enjoying sports at Moseley College, and worked at various branches of Westminster Bank in and around Birmingham until he retired.

Photo courtesy of Elliott Brown via Flickr.


Peter talks about his leisure pursuits and the impact of WW2

Peter talks about the development of Hall Green in the late 1930’s

Peter talks about the development of food in the 60’s and 70’s

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