Hall Green Ward, Springfield Ward

Alan Perkins

Born in 1944, he lived at Doris Road, Sparkhill for the first 24 years of his life. He went to King Edward V1 Camp Hill School for Boys and was an active member of the Sparkhill Congregational Church, which became the United Reform Church, and eventually the United Community Church in the former Hall Green Methodist building.  After being a primary school teacher for most of his life, he is now retired and living in Moseley, though he still visits Stratford Road for church and samosas from Jyotis!

Alan talks about his experiences of Piccadilly cinema in the 1950s

Alan talks about girls and boys at King Edward VI Camp Hill School

Alan talks about how Sparkhill Congregational Church developed into the United Reform Church

Alan talks about the move of the United Reform Church to the Hall Green Methodist Church in 2005


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