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22nd August 2014

Katy’s visit to Hall Green Methodist Church

In my role as Project Coordinator for My Route, as part of the project’s outreach work, I’ve been visiting several community centres and places of worship around Stratford Road to help raise awareness of the project and to meet some of the people who would like to contribute to the heritage we are collecting.

Hall Green Methodist Church has been extremely supportive and accommodating in helping me with this, particularity Val Dickens and Pauline Astardjian, who have invited me on several occasions to come and meet some of the congregation who attend Friendly Corner on Tuesdays. Through these meetings I have been able to gather memories of the different communities who attend their church – with some being able to recall events since before WW2!

Hall Green Methodist Church itself is a site of historical significance, having celebrated its 90th anniversary earlier this year. It officially opened on March 12th 1924, with an eye witness account of this event has been provided by Mrs Winifred Burgess;

“12th March 1924 dawned. It was a most exciting day.Crowds of people stood in Reddings Lane. Mrs. Bowen, from Moseley, turned the key – and the service was conducted by Rev’d. Bardsley-Brash, followed by a tea at Hall Green Institute. It was a wonderful day.”

Ever since, Hall Green Methodist Church has continued with a faithful congregation to the present day. In 2008, they were joined by Sparkhill United Church to accommodate the latter’s building problems (Sparkhill United Church was previously situated on Stratford Road/Colgreave Avenue).  At first the two churches worshipped separately within the same building, but are now in the process of becoming “Hall Green United Community Church”, and  in the very near future will form a congregation made up of Methodists, Moravians and United Reform Church members.

The church has a history of providing events for all the community –  such as when the Torch Relay came by in July 2012 (they provided entertainment and breakfast for all the crowd), and in March 2014, when they celebrated their 90th anniversary. This community event was attended by many different people from different cultures who live near to the church.

Keep an eye out on the memories page, where I will be uploading some of the memories I have captured from here in the coming months!



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