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12th June 2015

Get your free copy of the My Route publication

About the publication

The My Route publication forms the culmination of a fascinating journey for the participants, volunteers and Sampad staff who have been involved in the My Route community heritage project. We have sought to capture the history of Birmingham’s Stratford Road as lived and remembered by its people (with extra material sourced from articles and telephone directories in the Birmingham Archives).

Our aim was to enable Stratford Road residents, past and present, to articulate their stories and create a rich archive of information. This is history told not only through facts and figures but through personal memories of achievement and loss.

This book is divided into eight chapters, each devoted to a My Route theme. Our contributors include academics, Stratford Road residents, local historians and Sampad staff, all of whom have a particular passion and interest in their topic. You will find personal experiences and perspectives interwoven with historical fact, plus a suggested reading list for further study.

My Route was truly a people’s project and contributions from individuals were invaluable in allowing us to create this book, which serves as a legacy for Stratford Road and the City of Birmingham.

To request your free copy of the publication, please email or call Sampad on 0121 446 3260

About the interactive (augmented reality) features in the publication.

Whenever you see the mobile phone icon in the publication you can use your smartphone or tablet to watch a video or hear recordings from My Route.

You will firstly need to download the free My Route app, then use your phone to scan the image next to the icon.

The whole image must be viewable on your device’s screen, and the larger it is the better!

You can also use the app on the illustrated map at the front of the publication. Once you have downloaded the app, hover your smartphone or tablet over the map’s three circular images. You will then be able to view three well-known buildings on Stratford Road in 3D and examine their beautiful architecture in more detail.

The publication is dedicated to the residents on and around Stratford Road, past and present. 

Photo: Dave Walsh Creative

My Route publication - photo by Dave Walsh Creative.


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