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17th October 2014

Celebrating a Summer of My Route Taxi Tours

From 30 July to 27 August 2014, My Route delivered a series of free taxi tours which aimed to bring the history of the road to life in a distinctive and engaging way.

Each of the tours allowed up to seven members of the public to travel around Stratford Road in a taxi that had been kitted out in typical 1970s style. During the 40 minute journey, their guide and storyteller Dharmesh Rajput, who took on the persona of a character called ‘Tahir’, highlighted significant landmarks in the area and shared stories and anecdotes about some of the people who had lived there during past 70 years.

Accompanied by music from the era, character voice-overs and sensory props, the tour gave participants an experience that threw a spotlight on buildings of historical significance and noteworthy people connected to the area. At the end of the tour participants were able to sit together and chat about what they’d seen and heard, while sampling some of the delicious food available from Al Faisals restaurant, in the heart of the Balti Triangle.

The tours proved to be extremely popular with people of all ages (including Birmingham’s Lord Mayor!), to the point that all 18 tours were sold out and we received some very positive feedback from both local residents and tourists in Birmingham.

Many of the participants had their own views, memories and stories to share – some had not been back to the area for more than 20 years and others, who had never been before, discovered that there was much more to it than just traffic and bargain shops!

By the final tour we were thrilled in the knowledge that this strand of My Route had enabled new friendships and connections between participants,  boosted local pride and knowledge of the area and provoked further interest in the heritage of Stratford Road.

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Close up of mayor and taxi tour participants


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