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01st December 2014

And the winner is…..

Next year, Sampad will be producing a high-quality print publication based on the My Route project.

In order to bring various stories and landmarks to life, we’re going to illustrate parts of the publication by using ‘augmented reality’ technology that will allow us to create 3D digital models of some of the buildings found along Stratford Road.

This means that people will be able to use their smart phones and tablets to interact with the publication and explore the architecture, history and character of specific buildings in detail.

To select the three buildings that will receive this digital treatment, Sampad launched a public vote in October 2014, asking people to select their favourite Stratford Road landmarks.

The poll provoked lots of interest and we received many different suggestions about which buildings should be included – so many, in fact, that we extended the deadline so that more people could have their say!

The votes have now been collected and counted and we are now pleased to announce that the buildings you have selected for digitisation are:

  • St John’s Church (63%)
  • Sparkhill Library (32%)
  • Sparkhill Swimming baths (31%)

Although there was a clear winner, competition was fierce for second and third place, with only a few votes separating the contenders…so every vote really did count! (You can view the full results here: My Route AR building survey results)

Thank you to everyone who voted and as always, keep an eye on our news section for updates about the publication and other elements of the project.

Small St John's


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