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30th March 2015

An aMACEing visit to the Media Archives.

On 2 February 2015, the My Route team headed to Lincoln to visit the Media Archive for Central England. Based at the University of Lincoln, this influential archive collects and preserves moving images about the East and West Midlands, with the oldest item being from the late 1800s.

Along with director of Iconic Productions, Sam Lockyer, who is producing the My Route documentary, we had a special opportunity to look at clippings and footage of Stratford Road from the past 70 years, for research purposes and also to see if they could be used in some of the resources we are producing, such as the interactive map.

The clips we watched varied greatly in format, starting with the reels which needed to be viewed on a special machine called a Steenbeck, to more recent storage methods like VHS or digital clips viewed on computers. Likewise the content we watched covered a vast range of topics, from local politics, shop fires, features on J.R.R Tolkien, and even an escaped parrot!

Guided by the friendly staff at MACE (a big thank you in particular to Jonathan), the visit allowed us to learn about the types of moving image material that exist which feature Stratford Road, as well as finding out more about some of the celebrities that have lived there and the events that have occurred there, from the 1940s onwards.

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