About My Route

My Route was a major community heritage project by Sampad Arts exploring the changing history of the people, culture & landscape around Birmingham's Stratford Rd from the 1940s to the present day.

Watch the My Route documentary below (produced by Sampad Arts in partnership with Iconic Productions)

Listen to memories from Stratford Road residents.
Photos by Vanley Burke.

My Route was a major community heritage project by Sampad Arts that explored the changing history of the people, culture and landscape around Birmingham’s Stratford Rd since the 1940s. The 18 month project took place during 2014-15 and was supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Working with local residents between Sparkbrook and Hall Green, My Route identified how the population, landscape and culture of the road has changed and developed over the years, as new communities migrated and settled there. Oral histories, factual data collection and public donations all contributed to uncovering the road’s unique history.

In partnership with Birmingham Archives, My Route delivered training for volunteers, allowing them to develop new skills in heritage research. Members of the public enjoyed a series of free arts and cultural activities, including a free taxi tour, and people of all ages were able to gain access to several unique resources created during the project, including a new archive about the history of the road.

For further information about My Route, please contact Sampad on 0121 446 3260 or email info@myroute.org.uk

About Sampad South Asian Arts

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