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10th September 2014

A Day of Mystery Solving

On Sunday 7 September Sampad invited members of the public to take part in a free My Route workshop, as part of a three week public engagement scheme run by the University of Birmingham called Think Corner.

Led by Daisy and Dave, two of our PhD students from the Reaching out from Higher Education Scheme, families were invited to have a go at being history detectives for the day. Faced with various photographs, newspapers, directories, and even a charming Irish resident named Colin, participants used the evidence to answer a series of questions we gave them about life on Stratford Road over the last 70 years.

By spotting the differences between particular images, asking Colin questions about his life and reading through the different publications, our detectives were able to learn about some of the people, events and buildings that Sampad has been focussing on as part of My Route.

Participants were also able to learn how we have been gathering historical information for the project and trial some of the different jobs our volunteers and PhD students have been doing.

Upon completion of the quiz sheets, our detectives were given a tasty reward and invited to draw a picture of themselves to place on our taxi poster.

Who knows, maybe we will archive these self-portraits for future generations to enjoy!



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